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A Connection enables Octolis to dialog with an external system to:

  1. Source data from this system to an Octolis Audience.
  2. Sync data from an Octolis Audience to this system.

A Connection is composed of two parts:

  1. One of our built-in Connectors (e.g. Salesforce, SFTP, Snowflake, Google Spreadsheet...).
  2. The parameters and credentials to access your system (e.g. Salesforce login/password, API key...).

We have four kinds of Connectors:

  1. Cloud app: the business apps that you use on daily basis (e.g. Salesforce, Shopify...).
  2. Static file repository: places where you store CSV or JSON files (e.g. SFTP, s3...).
  3. Database: the databases that you use to store business data (e.g. BigQuery, Snowflake...)
  4. Real-time: send or retrieve data through our Webhooks & API.

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